Filamu – Short Version

Filamu is a docu-fiction I wrote and directed myself, it was shot in Tanzania.

This is a short version showing the first minutes of the film, the original is 13 minutes lenght and not available on internet, as it runs festivals.

You can still get a sense of it here.

More informations about Filamu:


Vers la Lune – By Marc Caro

Marc Caro was born on April 2, 1956 in Paris, France. He is a director and writer, known for Delicatessen (1991), La cité des enfants perdus (1995) and Alien, la résurrection (1997).

Under the guidance of Marc Caro, and their teachers, 15 students in the “Architecture en Représentation” Master’s option designed and created the 360 ​​° set for the first episode of Marc Caro’s web series Fly Me To The Moon. During the Festival Premiers Plans in Angers, the public was invited to visit the set and discover the manufacture. More informations here.

As a director of production, I worked for the production company Les Docs Du Nord who gave me the responsability to manage the budget and deal with all the service providers a month before shooting.

I was also the director’s assistant, working hand in hand with the VR advisor Pierre Friquet. I built the VR team for the shooting: Michael Kolchesky as the 360 camera operator, Charles-Henri Marraud des Grottes as the DIT, Geoffrey Durcak as the sound engenieer and Marina Gandey as the make up artist. Marc Caro hired Jean Poisson as a DOP. It was a very small team as Marc Wanted to.

Fly Me To The Moon Stars Jackie Berroyer, Philippe Vieux and Aurélia Poirrier.

This was the first 360° set made for a virtual reality piece that I saw, and an impressive work done by the DOP to work only with light scattering in the set.

It was a very intensive but an amazing experience! Now the film is in post production.


ELLE DECOR (Lagardère group) contacted me to design a 360 ° video highlighting their furniture.

In this sumptuous Parisian apartment, I had the idea to stage an actress who dislocates with a text appearing when approaching a product.

I also accompanied the client on his understanding of what was possible to do or not in virtual reality.

INRA – Citrus collection

INRA (French National Institute for Agricultural Research) called me in 2016 to make an original 360° video for them.

With my company Clap & Zap Production, we produced this video including several innovations in terms of storytelling (to make the user participate) in terms of views (one of the first video including drone views in stereoscopy) and in terms of interractivity (we have been the beta tester of Wonda VR with this experience: Allowing user to click on the picture to choose wich path to take (on the ground or aerial).

We accompanied the client in the distribution of this content wich was made for the agriculture show in Paris. We gave advices about VR headset, we were staying on their stand to carry all the technical part and we added ideas, like having a fan that diffused citrus scents.

Finaly, we also did an aditing to have a web version without interractivity.


I wrote the script and directed this corporate film for the french bank company BNP PARIBAS.

My ex company Clap & Zap was also the recipient for FISHEYE VR, we managed the shooting logistic.

The goal was to showcase it in their agencies to show investors that it was a better investment to go for a found dedicated to support ecological and responsible industries.


Pour un projet étudiant de fin d’année, l’edhec a fait appel à moi pour faire une visite virtuelle de cette école. Le budget étant faible, mes équipes ont filmés avec une samsung gear 360°. But thanks to the originality of the drones views, the result is not so bad!

Essilor – Shopper Lab

The brand Essilor wanted to showcase their Shopper Lab in 360°. For this, I produced this video in partnership with Gunsmoke, showcasing this place in a simple way but with illustrations to carry users in this experience.


The communication agency Place Forte has used my know-how to produce a 360 ° video at the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts, in Paris, for Mutex (savings, retirement benefits).

I did some acting in order to make the content a little more alive. Interaction with the visual chatbot was a customer’s desire. The video was created to be shown at an institutional video show before its web promotion.

Martinique Travel

During a contract in Martinique, my associate and I filmed other Caribbean landscapes in 360 to make this video.

Since then, I sold some of the views for various experiences. It is also a new strategy to take many views and sell it on online images bank or to private clients.

If interrested, I have plenty of 360 views that arn’t online.

Clément Habitation – Martinique

GHB group (owner of several Rhum brands in Martinique) sought my company to make a 360° video for the Habitation Clément.

In Martinique, the term “habitation” refers to an agricultural domain with its plantations, its house and its farm buildings.

We made this video for the promotion of the brand during the rum fair in Paris. the booth with our virtual reality animation was a great success!