Want to use immersive technologies?

I’m a PROJECT MANAGER and ARTISTIC DIRECTOR in the field of Virtual Reality.



After four years at the head of Clap & Zap Production, a VIRTUAL REALITY & 360 ° VIDEO content creation company, I acquired skills in project management including immersive media, business management and public relations.

That’s why I offer you my services as a PROJECT MANAGER and CREATIVE DIRECTOR in the field of immersive technologies

I directed over 10 corporate immersive videos and 3 original VR films. I’ve been also a production manager for many corporate and entertainment VR films. I  also work on the scenography for VR installation, and immersive content for museums.

I wish to  contribute my abilities to production companies – agencies – startups and brands.

Based on the cloud – I’m  happy and willing to go wherever your offer takes me.


Script - Art Concept

I wrote script for original contents and brands, in order to create a story that reflects their trademark. Lately I also designed Exhibitions and performing art shows using immersive technologies. I can be your creative swiss knife.

360 shooting - VR conception

Depending on your project (360 film or VR experience) I write specifications and evaluate the needs / budget and production time. I collaborate with the most talented 360° - VR operators. I work eather as a Line Producer or a Creative Director.

Diffusion - VR headsets

360 and VR experience are mainly designed to be experienced in a VR headset in dedicated showrooms. I know the headset market well, but also more sophisticated systems: VR terminals / sensory seats... I give you the best broadcast tips.

Consultancy - Speaker

I can come to your agency for a day or more to explain the different immersive technologies, their uses and costs. Also, I can train project managers to better understand the workflow, especially 360 video. Finally, I can be a speaker at events.

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