Virtual Reality



Production - Coordination

In the field of immersive content production (360Β° films, VR) I work as an executive producer (project follow-up, budget, fundraising, service providers management, etc). And I am project manager or coordinator when it comes to creating more diversified project.

360 video

I am also an Award winning director of 360Β° videos, mainly documentaries. I have also directed and coordinated corporate 360Β° videos, in order to promote a place or a brand. I am able to work alone or in a team depending on the scope of the project.

Artistic Director

I am as well an artistic director on various concepts, always including immersive technologies. I have conceptualized educational exhibitions, scripted immersive films, and I am involved in an artistic residency related to the performing arts.

Consultancy - Speaker

I can come to your agency to brief your teams about the latest trends in terms of techs. I can explain to your managers the added value of each immersive technology according to their needs. Finally, I can be a speaker at events and speak in the media.

About me

After four years at the head of Clap & Zap Production, a VIRTUAL REALITY & 360 Β° VIDEO content creation company,

I acquired skills in project management including immersive media, business management and public relations.

That’s why I offer you my services as a PROJECT MANAGER and CREATIVE DIRECTOR

in the field ofΒ immersive technologies

I directed over 10 corporate immersive videos and 3 original VR films.

I’ve been also a production manager for many corporate and entertainment VR films.

IΒ  also work on the scenography for VR installation, and immersive content for museums.

I wish to contribute my abilities to production companies – agencies – startups and brands.

Based in the cloud –  I’m happy and willing to go wherever your offer takes me.