Virtual Event producer


“Starting in 2016, the Venice International Film Festival was one of the first film festivals in the world to demonstrate interest in Virtual Reality.
For the 2020 edition, Venice VR, the official Virtual Reality competition section of the Venice International Film Festival, will no longer be shown physically in Venice Lido on the island of Lazzaretto Vecchio ( VR Island), but it will be available to enjoy entirely online, rebranded as Venice VR Expanded to reflect the shift to a 100% virtual exhibition, on a dedicated platform designed by VRrOOm, supported by HTC Viveport, Facebook’s Oculus and VRChat.”

I worked within VRrOOm two months to coordinate this event. We were in charge to create this virtual environnement in VR Chat in line with La Biennale’s team’s desires. I helped to manage the creative and production team, to link with La Biennale’s challenges and with all the creators to build virtual teasers of their work within our venue. During this 10 days event I also managed our virtual hosts, filming and creating videos for special events and help on a whatsaap channel our accredited guests if needed.

We had two public worlds in VR Chat and two private ones, including a garden for accredited guests. The festival was 10 days long and we had around 15000 visitors! To held social events such as “meet the creators” helped to have more guests and interest in the platform.


“For this edition without borders, NewImages Festival reinvents itself and creates with VRrOOM a virtual space in which to welcome festival-goers from all over the world. Celebrating a community resolutely turned towards new uses, it is also an opportunity to offer greater access to the works and program of the festival.”

I worked within VRrOOm few weeks to coordinate this event. We were in charge to create this virtual environnement in VR Chat in line with New Images graphic desires. I helped to manage the creative and production team. During this 5 days event we had around 1200 visitors. As there were no social events within the virtual world but only videos of the conferences and the possibility to see the 360° work that’s a great amount of visitors, also, it was only private.

XRBASE Investor >Event – With XR CROWD

Since covid 19 stroke the world, my activities regarding 360° video have stopped, of course.
I never had too much time to take an interest in social virtual reality platforms, and use them to meet and work with my peers.

It was always in my mind. But during the lock down Andrey Lunev created a whatsaap groupe called  XR-CROWD, regrouping 250 Virtual Reality professionals.

The main goal of this community was to help existing festivals to convert their real events into virtual ones.

That’s how the #zeroeventVR poped up. Every friday, members from the XR Crowd were experiencing together all the existing platforms, often with their creators offering a tour. To discover all of those and analyse the bugs that could exist du to the number of users.

We tried Vrchat, Vrroom, Rainfall, Recroom, Bigscreen, Vrbella, Learnbrite, Mootup, Engage, Mozzila Xr Hub, and few others.

Since then, those steps helped the Laval Virtual to organize their event in the platform Vrbella.

First, Andrey asked me with few other members to help him organise those friday meetings around #zeroeventVR.

As our partnership worked well, he asked me to help him coordinate the XRBASExperiment. The first business event around investors and startups totaly made in VR, in the platform ENGAGE.

So I trained to use Engage with the team of Diversion Cinema, we helped to organize and coordinate the event and on the event’s day, I was the “out of VR support chanel”. Helping people to install Engage, to navigate into it and give informations about the event.

➡One computer to be in Engage and help people go through it’s navigation
➡One computer with all event infos, names and so on
➡One computer for team viewer, whatsaap.
➡Phone for zoom calls.
➡One Oculus Quest to help people to navigate inside their VR Headsets.
If you are interested to know more about VR platforms or those events, drop me a message on whatsaap!



360 Documentary Director


Two black Americans are asked to share their views on Africa by seeing 360 ° images filmed in Tanzania, as they are juries for a festival. It is the cultural irony that black Americans are primarily descendants of Africa that leads them to be chosen for this role. All this confusion will lead to a long debate full of authenticity and humor through a visually African but vocally American journey.




Title : « FILAMU » / Format: 360 film / Lenght : 13’ / Type: Docu-Fiction / Year: 2018
Script Writer, Director and Producer : Maud Clavier
Voice actors: Pearl Ramsey and Mel Roberson / Dialogues: Maud Clavier and Pearl Ramsey
Cameraman: Julie Clavier  / Editing: Charles-Henri Marraud des Grottes
VFX and stitching: Michael Kolchesky / Colour Grading: Alek Tokarev  Sound designer and music composer: Jeremy Piccirilli




While watching 360 shots in Lebanon, you hear maronite seminarist telling you their vision of Lebanon just before their ordination, after six years of stydies. This short 360° film took the best part of those seminarists interview to make a philosophical short film about Lebanon, and show to western people how positive they can be even though their situation is difficult


When Julie Clavier directed her documentary “6 years of reflection” for a french TV chanel (KTO), I followed her to be her assistant, and to make a 360 short documentary.

Her documentary is about maronite seminarist who finished their 6 years study and are going to be ordained. Her documentary is a 52 minutes and lands only in the seminary showing all the main figures involved.

My 360° film is about 5 minutes long and shows on screen parts of the seminary, but also wider pictures of Lebanon and derelicted places.





Title : « BELIEVE » / Format: 360 film / Lenght : 5’ / Type: Documentary / Year: 2020
Director: Maud Clavier

Journalist: Julie Clavier

Voice actors: Antonia Farhat, Charbel Kamel, Karim Douaidy
Sound designer and music composer: Jeremy Piccirilli

360 Movie Producer


I worked as an executive producer for the production company Les Docs du Nord, to manage the first 360° film directed by the famous french director MARC CARO.

Marc Caro  is a director and writer, known for Delicatessen (1991), La cité des enfants perdus (1995) and Alien, la résurrection (1997).

Under the guidance of Marc Caro, and their teachers, 15 students in the “Architecture en Représentation” Master’s option designed and created the 360 ​​° set for the first episode of Marc Caro’s web series Fly Me To The Moon. During the Festival Premiers Plans in Angers, the public was invited to visit the set and discover the manufacture. More informations here.

As a director of production, I worked for the production company Les Docs Du Nord who gave me the responsability to manage the budget and deal with all the service providers a month before shooting.

I was also the director’s assistant, working hand in hand with the VR advisor Pierre Friquet. I built the VR team for the shooting: Michael Kolchesky as the 360 camera operator, Charles-Henri Marraud des Grottes as the DIT, Geoffrey Durcak as the sound engenieer and Marina Gandey as the make up artist. Marc Caro hired Jean Poisson as a DOP. It was a very small team as Marc Wanted to.

Fly Me To The Moon Stars Jackie Berroyer, Philippe Vieux and Aurélia Poirrier.

This was the first 360° set made for a virtual reality piece that I saw, and an impressive work done by the DOP to work only with light scattering in the set.

It was a very intensive but an amazing experience!

Video link: CLICK HERE

password: steampunk


Le Dernier Héros was produced within my ex company Clap & Zap Production and Cle production.

My associate Charles-Henri Marraud des Grottes was the director.

As a winner of a 360° script contest made by the festival Paris Court Devant in 2016, we won a partnership with the Youtube Space is Paris to shoot our film and have ressources, so that it could be shown in the festival the year after.

I managed the whole production logistic and team together with Cedrick Léger, the CEO of Clep Production.

We had only half a day to rehearse and one day to shoot. We were very happy that Thomas Villepoux helped us by bringing his expertise and DV Group‘s 360 rig camera made with Black Magics.

We also partnered with the belgium company Demute for all the spatialized sound work. It was very inovative at the time as we created a concept where when the user turns his head, the sound of the character he is looking at becomes louder. In addition to a basic spatialized sound.

The original music was made by the great french company Scoring Production.

Video link: CLICK HERE


In May 2015, Clap & Zap Production created and produced the first French short film in virtual reality: The Other Side. This is a short comedy mixing computer-generated images and 360 ° stereoscopic images shot in Cannes.

I managed the production, my associate Charles-Henri Marraud des Grottes directed the film, Olivier Zitvogel (comagny Holodia) designed the idea and made the first part of the film (computer-generated images). Panocam 3D bring their 360 camera rig (one of the first on th world) and finaly the collective Les acteurs de Cannes acted in the film. The hôtel Radisson Blu in Cannes was a partner too, allowing us to shoot the film on their rooftop.

The film will be shown at the Cannes Film Festival, Cannes Lions Innovation and many other events. With this experience, the two co-founders evangelize the technology to many groups before obtaining their first contract with INRA, which will be shown at the agricultural show. It is one of the first 360 ° institutional films using a drone

Video link: CLICK HERE


Immersive museography concept artist


The Viking World is an exhibition that includes several modules. The purpose of this walk is to help visitors get to know the more diverse aspects of Viking culture, which goes beyond the clichés of barbarism, raids and navigation.

I designed a whole exhibition project for the company My Urban Experience in partnership with their historian Paul Bilhoreau and the 3D graphic designer Vincent Campagna.

The objective is to combine a classic museum experience with an immersive educational stroll. Because we will have virtual reality, but also holograms and spatialized sound immersion. But the inclusion of technologies will be done gradually so the visitor will be slowly immersed into a whole new way to live an exhibition.

We are currently looking for partners and funding for the launch of this show.

Immersive Artists – Performing arts

⭐️ROLE: Artist – VR specialist

CHIMÈRES is a programme of artistic residencies for research and production, which offers artists from different artistic fields the opportunity to meet and create together projects that go beyond the classical frameworks of live performance and exhibition, integrate digital technology, and present a strong inventiveness in the viewer’s place within the narrative and scenic device.

Initiated by the Ministry of Culture-Directorate General of Artistic Creation (DGCA), CHIMÈRES is supported by the Lieu Unique (LU), the National Stage of Nantes and the Théâtre Nouvelle Génération (TNG), the National Dramatic Centre of Lyon in 2019 and 2020.

CHIMÈRES encourages artists and creators from different practices to work together, allowing them to dialogue, throughout the creative process, with art and culture professionals in order to ensure the best possible dissemination of the created works.

12 candidates has been selected over 300 applications:

  • Maxime Arnould
  • Julie Benegmos
  • Maud Clavier
  • Lisiane Durand
  • David Girondin-Moab
  • Isabelle Jonniaux
  • Raphaël Kuntz
  • Nicolas Lelièvre
  • Marion Pellissier
  • Emmanuelle Raynaut
  • Nicolas Zlatoff

Following a first day session with all these artists, we created dozens of artistic concepts.

Out of the ten, three were selected, including the 5th Wall project, of which I am a member with Isabelle Jonniaux, David Girondin-Moab and Emmanuelle Raynaut.

We were then invited to continue our research during a second artistic residency, where we reflect on the correlation between choreography via virtual reality, the plastic universe and transhumanist dramaturgy. This project will be monitored during 2020 and may go into production depending on the results.

But for me, this residency allowed me to reconnect with my old skills in the performing arts, and put my new talents at the service of this medium.


360 Wildlife Film Director


I  worked for Wild Immersion in New Zealand to shoot in 360° Endemic birds. This was a very tough exercice but extremely interesting, as birds are not in front of your camera on demand it needs a lot of patience and few contacts to know the best spots.

I shot some Takahes, Oyster Catcher and many more.

To see some of my shots, please click here:

360 corporate video Producer / Director

I manged several 360° videos for brand, depending on the project I either wrote the script / concept, managed and hired a team, made a budget and a production planing or event directed some of them.

ELLE DECORS for Lagardère was a collaboration with Plissken Production and Armstrong agency. I wrote the concept and managed a part of the production logistic. The 360° shooting was made by my team members.

SHOPPER LAB was a collaboration with Gunsmoke Production. I coordinated the 360 shooting.

MUTEX, shooted in the famous CNAM in Paris was a collaboration with the agency Place Forte. I wrote the script, directed the film and even acted in it. I had a DOP and sound engenieer with me.

INRA – totally made within my ex-company Clap & Zap Production. I managed the production with my associe Charles-Henri Marraud des Grottes, and he went in Corsica with a dronist to make the film (he also wrote the script and directed the film).

Cannes Tour is a touristic video to show the beauty of this french city made by Charles-Henri Maraud des Grootes and myself, within our ex compagny Clap & Zap Production to show tourists offices how a 360° tour could be an added value for them.


Network is key!

I don’t like to have an empty space on my website…

So, if you are curious and clicked here, I have a great network in Virtual Reality, espacially in France.

I have an artistic network, but also studios, companies and many others.

And here are few people I wish to promote, if still reading and curious you are!

JULIE CLAVIER – Documentary Filmaker and camera operator

She’s my sister, and we worked together on many documentary projects. (360 and classic)

VINCENT CAMPAGNA – Motion Designer

He worked on my museography concept, he is a great and reactive 3D designer.

JEREMY PICCIRILLI – Sound designer and music composer

He created musics and worked on the sound design on my two immersive documentaries.

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